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My book, Candle Making - from beginner to expert is due out in February 2002 from M. Evans & Company. I have expended great effort to make this the most complete book on making paraffin candles ever written. Drawing on my 30 years of candle making experience, this book includes everything from the bare basics to advanced concepts. All written in a non technical, easy to understand style. This book will have even absolute beginners making candles like a pro in days since it is laid out the same way I would teach a course in candle making.

Unlike most candle making books, nothing is left to guesswork. All the wax formulas used are included, as are alternate formulas for those who cannot obtain certain products. An entire chapter is devoted to the correct method for wick selection. The numerous projects all include detailed step by step instructions.

I invite you to use the links below to explore the book, and once you own it to check back regularly as this site will be used to support the book with an FAQ of readers questions, and any updates the rapidly changing world of candle making may require.

Bob Sherman

Click Here for pricing and ordering this book from our updated web site.

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