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This wax is a special low shrinkage blend for use in filling containers. It does not pull away from the glass (which causes "wet spots") as much as regular paraffin. Larger containers may require a second pour. It needs no additional additives - just add dye and scent then pour. The color is an opaque white, and it imparts a creamy pastel look when dye is added, and has excellent scent throw. This wax is very different from most other container fill blends on the market - it is soft but not sticky to the touch, it is opaque, with the proper wick size it will burn across entire container (no wells). This is the best container fill blended wax I have tried, however I suggest trying a small amount to see if it suits your taste before buying large amounts.

Due to the high shipping cost of wax it cannot be shipped at our normal shipping charges and is billed at actual shipping cost.

PLEASE NOTE: The following products are sold for use in the making of candles and may be hazardous if misused. Do not ingest, and avoid prolonged skin contact. Keep away from children and pets.

See also: Paraffin Wax / Beeswax / Closeout Wax / Wax Crystals / Gel Wax

Container Fill Wax Container and Jar candles.

Melt Point: Approximately 125 degrees

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