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Please note that these temperatures are estimates, and may vary as much as 20 degrees F. Anything added to the gel may also affect these properties.

  • Flash Point: 440 degrees F.
  • Blending other ingredients: 203 - 221 degrees F.
  • Pouring temperature: 185 - 203 degrees F.
  • Gelling temperature: 140 - 167 degrees F.

Dyes that are suspended in paraffin wax can't be used with gel wax. Please see our selection of liquid dyes for gel wax.

Due to the high shipping cost of wax it cannot be shipped at our normal shipping charges and is billed at actual shipping cost.

Please see the shipping cost chart for exact cost to ship.

Customers in the New York Metro Area may wish to pick up their order at our showroom in Williston Park (M - F, 9am - 3pm) to save shipping charges. Phone: 516-877-2499.

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