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This pure transparent glycerine soap is bio degradable and made with all natural ingredients. This is our top of the line soap base and is very popular among soap crafters.

Please note: Quantities of 10 pounds or more of glycerine are shipped at exact shipping costs. Please see the shipping cost chart for exact cost to ship.


  • Saponified Vegetable Oils
  • Vegetable Glycerine
  • Purified Water
  • Aloe Vera
  • Sorbital (a natural preservative derived from fruits and berries)
  • Emulsifiers

Use to make melt and pour soap following these simple instructions. It's quick, fun, and easy.

SAFETY: The products on this page are safe when used as directed. Products should not be ingested. Avoid skin and eye contact with concentrated scent oil. Adult supervision required.

See also: Colored Glycerine Soap Base / Opaque Glycerine Soap Base / Olive Oil Glycerine Soap Base / Goats Milk Glycerine Soap Base / Ultra Clear Glycerine Soap Base

Glycerine 1 lb. Bar 4.75
Glycerine 2 lb. Bar 9.25
Glycerine 10 lb. 39.99
Glycerine 36 lb. 129.99

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Shipping Costs

The following are the costs for UPS shipping based upon a 10 lb. carton, or 36 lb. carton In many cases substantial savings can be had on larger orders by using UPS Hundredweight service (200 pound min.), or Truck freight (usually not economical on orders under 300 pounds). Use this UPS Zone Chart to determine which shipping zone you are in.

UPS Zone 10 lb. carton 36 lb. carton
Zone 2 8.16 11.96
Zone 3 8.39 13.64
Zone 4 8.77 14.93
Zone 5 9.33 17.28
Zone 6 10.33 21.32
Zone 7 11.75 25.00
Zone 8 13.01 29.29


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