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This is a listing of candle making instructions I have written. All are free for personal use, and many are illustrated.

Introduction To Candle Making - A free online course that explains candle making safety, materials, and equipment and includes step by step instructions to make a basic pillar candle.

Candle Making Safety - Follow these safety rules to prevent accidents.

Candle Measures
Confused about wax formulas? This will help you deal with "candle math".

Candle Shrinkage - An explanation of why wax shrinks, and some things that can be done to
reduce shrinkage.

Candle Troubleshooting Guide
Use this free guide if you are having problems with your candles.

Preparing 2 Piece Chocolate Molds - Adapting chocolate molds for candle making. Illustrated step by step.

Using 2 Piece Chocolate Molds - Procedure for using chocolate molds for candle making. Illustrated step by step.

Using Auto Wick Pins - These speed up votive production. Step by step illustrations.

Wick Selection - My technique for choosing the proper wick.

Candle Making Classes - We now offer live, "hands on" classes at our workshop.

Burning Tips and Safety - Usage tips and safety guidelines for burning candles.

Overdipping Candles - The basics of over dipping candles.

Science Projects Part 1 - Guide to using candles in science fair projects.

Science Projects Part 2 - Some additional information on using candles in science fair projects.

Wax Recycling - Storage Techniques - Several methods for storing scraps and leftovers to make full use of every drop of wax. Illustrated.

Whipped Wax - Basic whipped wax instructions.

This page is no longer updated - please click here for the latest version of this page.

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