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Candle and Soap Making Classes - We now offer candle and soap making classes at our shop in Williston Park, NY.

This is a listing of project instructions I have written. Most reside on other sites and are free for personal use. Most are illustrated.

NOTE: A newer version of this page is available here. The original site these were hosted on is no longer available and I am rewriting and updating these as time permits. Only the underlined links are available at this time.

3D Applique Candles - Use candy molds to make these beautiful applique candles. Fully

Applique Candles - Use cookie cutters to embellish candles for any occasion. Full step by step iullustrations included.

Asteroid Candles - Make these fun candles for your favorite Science Fiction fan.

Balloon Candles - A fun, easy easy to make style of candle.

Beer Candles - Another fun, easy project.

Beeswax Ornament Project - These make nice gifts. Heavily illustrated.

Candy Cane Candles - Embedded candy canes. Illustrated.

Cake Candles Part 1 - Making cake or mud candles using the slop and dip technique.

Cake Candles Part 2 - Creating with the stippling technique.

Cake Candles Part 3 - Creating with the dabbing technique.

Chocolate Pudding Candles - These look good enough to eat, but please don't!

Chunk Candles - Another variant of the basic molded candle.

Cobwebbed Candles - An easy surface finish technique. Fully illustrated.

Container Candles - Basic guidelines for working with these difficult candles.

Corrugated Candles - An easy rustic looking candle. Fully illustrated.

Decorative Fire Starters - These beautiful and functional fire starters make a great gift basket. Fully illustrated.

Drilled Cutout Candle - Instructions for making an interesting 2 color spotted candle. Fully

Easy Cut 'N Carve Candles - Basic instructions for Cut 'N Carve candles.

Easy Cut 'N Carve Candles Part 2 - Two more Cut 'N Carve cuts explained.

Easy Cut N Carve Candles Part 3 - Another Cut N Carve cut demonstrated. Fully illustrated.

Easy Cut N Carve Candles Part 4 - Another Cut N Carve cut demonstrated. Fully illustrated.

Easy Water Candles - Use this easy to make jig to create these fun candles.

Embedded Paper Candle Project - Step by step instructions for a beautiful hurricane shell candle. Heavily illustrated.

Fire Starters - This illustrated project shows how make fire starters with recycled
materials. Fully illustrated.

Firecracker Candle - This project uses shaped chunks, chunk positioning, and layering to make a unique candle. Fully illustrated.

Flame Candles - These wild candles are fun to make. Fully illustrated.

Floating Candles - Try your hand at these easy to make, fun to burn candles.

Flower Pot Candles - Flower pots have a variety of uses for the candle maker.

Fresh Corn Candle - Easy project using molding, dipping, and cutting techniques. Fully

Gel Room Fresheners - Make your own room fresheners - quick and easy. Fully Illustrated.

Gift Box Candle - Dip and sculpt this candle shaped like a gift box. Fully illustrated.

Green Beer Candle - Saint Patrick's Day favorite. Heavily Illustrated.

Hand Dipped Tapers Project - Easy instructions for taper making. Heavily illustrated.

Hand Dipped Incense - Guide to hand dipping sticks and cones. Free e-book.

Hot Fudge Sundae Candle - Use a variety of techniques to create this unique candle. Fully illustrated.

Hot Water Dipping - A variety of textures can be added to your candles with this easy

Hurricane Candles Part 1 - Learn to make this popular candle style with wax chunks.

Hurricane Candles Part 2 - Instructions for making hurricane shell candles with silk leaves.

Ice Candles - These fun to make candles are always one of a kind.

Jack o Lantern Candle
A variation of the balloon candle technique. Heavily illustrated.

Layered Candles - Add interest to your basic molded candles.

Lightweight Fire Starters - These fire starters will burn for 10 minutes, and only weigh 1/10 ounce. Fully illustrated.

Marble Candles
Candles that look like marbles. Illustrated.

Marbled Candles - Easy technique for candles that look like stone. Fully Illustrated.

Mottled Candles - Another interesting variant of basic molded candles.

Mushroom Candle - Instructions for sand off sand casting. Fully illustrated.

Over Dipping Candles - This useful technique has many applications for the candle maker.

Photo Candle - This project shows how to embed photographs into your candles. Fully

Rainbow Candles - An interesting variant of Chunk Candles. Fully illustrated.

Recycled Chunk Candles - A great way to use up your leftover wax. Fully Illustrated.

Sand Candles - Sand candles require no molds.

Snow Molded Candles - Make temporary molds using snow.

Snowball Candle - Use whipped wax to make these fun candles. Illustrated.

Spiral Stripe Candle - Use this technique for a candy cane style candle. Fully illustrated.

Stamped Halloween Candle - Use rubber stamps and tissue paper to make candles for any occaision. Fully illustrated.

Steak And Potato Candle Part 1 - Create this unique candle, or use this easy painting technique on other designs. Fully illustrated.

Steak And Potato Candle Part 2 - Create this unique candle, or use this easy painting technique on other designs. Fully illustrated.

Tie Dye Candles - A guide to making these beautiful, but difficult candles.

Tie Dye Candle Part 2 - A simple way to make wild looking candles. The most beautiful feature candle to date. Heavily illustrated.

Ugly Votives - A great techniques for left over votive wax. Illustrated.

Wax Art Candles - From simple to elaborate, these are a great project for kids, and fun for adults too. Free e-book.

Waxed Teddy Air Fresheners - Fun project using scented wax and stuffed animals - not a candle.

Wedding Cake Candle - A simple, yet elegant large candle - very easy. Fully Illustrated.

Whipped Wax - Learn how to make whipped wax for decorating you candle projects.

Window Candles - Make windows in your candles using cookie cutters. Fully illustrated.

Yule Log Project - Make Yule Logs for yourself or gifts. Heavily illustrated.

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