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Seamless Round Candle Molds
  • Durable Metal Production Molds - last a very long time with minimal care.
  • Heavy aluminum construction (1/8" wall thickness).
  • Candles made in these have no seam to trim and a formed top.
  • Will not rust.
  • Produces a nice finish without a water bath.
  • Mold only, does not include instructions, wick bar, or sealer.
  • Important: Before first use these need to be washed with water and detergent to remove machining grease.These do not have as highly polished a finish as our other molds, however for a smoother finish the mold can be polished with a sScotch Brite pad.
  • Usage Tips:
    1. Do not drop, pry, scratch or dent.
    2. Clean well before first use.
    3. If candle gets stuck in mold, place in freezer for a few minutes. If it still won't come out, place it in hot water (this ruins finish on candle, and should be considered a last resort). Never try to pry or carve stuck wax from mold - this will almost always ruin the mold.
    4. Molds may have sharp edges - handle with care.

This item has been discontinued.

Please click here to view our current line of Molds.

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