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These are food grade dye blocks.

May be used for both glycerine and cold process soap making. Note for cold process: These dye blocks have a melting point of 145 degrees and will require melting separately, then adding at the warmest point in the process.

SAFETY: The products on this page are safe when used as directed. Products should not be ingested. Adult supervision required.

See also: Glitter Dyes , Jewel Tones , Naturals , Oxides & Ultramarines , Pearlescents

*Please note, colors samples are based on a scanned image. They will not reproduce identically in soap.

Avocado Dye colors approx 8 lbs.
Banana Dye colors approx 8 lbs.
Bubblegum Dye colors approx 8 lbs.
Melon Dye colors approx 8 lbs.
Peach Dye colors approx 8 lbs.
Tomato Red Dye colors approx 8 lbs.

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