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Our selection of candle making supplies for candle makers from beginner to expert is extensive. All the candle making supplies needed can be found here. We stock several different types of candle wax and a full line of wax art colors. We offer top quality candle scents, and a large selection of candle dyes and pigments. Our candle mold offerings are second to none with a huge selection metal, seamless, silicone and latex molds. A full line of accessories for candle making is also stocked ranging from pouring pots to digital scales. All in stock for immediate shipment (our fill rate is 99.9%).

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Candle and Soap Making Classes Bob Sherman's Candle Making Book
Wax Additives
A variety of wax additives to improve scent, color, hardness, decrease fading, and more
Scent Oil
A huge selection of scent oils. Full strength manufacturing grade oils. The best scent oils anywhere - guaranteed.
Dye Blocks
Inexpensive, concentrated dyes in a large selection of colors.
Dye Flakes
High quality, concentrated dyes in a large selection of colors.
Neon Pigment
Concentrated pigments popular for making black light candles.
Concentrated candle pigments popular for making over dipping and carved candles.
Available in flat braid, square braid, zinc core, and primed and tabbed.
A large selection of molds in metal, plastic, silicone, and latex.
Paraffin Wax
Several types of pure paraffin wax.
Pure beeswax in natural yellow or bleached white.
Container Wax
A blended wax that makes the best container candles.
Pouring Pots
The best way to melt and pour your wax.
Glass and metal thermometers.
Mold Accessories
Mold sealers, cleaner, and release.
Rub n Buff
A colored semi solid wax product used to highlight raised detail.
Wax Crystals
Granulated wax with dye and hardeners already added. Great for wax art.
Mica based pearlescent powder to brush on candles.
Dipping Vats
Metal vats for dipping candles and water baths.
Tea Light Supplies
Cups and wick for making tea light candles.
Used Molds
Used molds at discount prices when available.
Votive Kits
An inexpensive kit to learn how to make votive candles.
Apothecary Jars
A selection of jars popular for container candles.
Incense Sticks
Make your own incense supplies.
Auto Wick Pins
Speeds production of votive candles.
Soap Making
A full selection of supplies for melt and pour soap making.
Candle Books
Candle making books.
Digital Scales
Scales for accurate measuring.
Votive Display Boxes
Storage / display boxes for votives.
Monthly Specials
Sales, promotions, and special pricing.
Gel Wax Supplies
Gel wax.
Closeout Products
Discontinued products.
Candle Dye Liquid
Concentrated liquid dyes.
Gift Certificates
Don't know what to get someone? Order a gift certificate.
Hand Painted Decals
Silk screened decals for that hand painted look.
Free Instructions
Links to a variety of free instructions.
Free Projects
Links to a variety of free projects.

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If you are tired of dealing with unprofessional candle supply companies, give us a try. Our commitment to quality products, fast courteous service, and superior candle tech support has made us a leader in the industry.

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