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We use nothing but the finest paraffin wax. Our granulated wax is especially easy to use, since it can be proportioned using measuring cups instead of a scale. Due to the high shipping cost of wax it cannot be shipped at our normal shipping charges and is billed at actual shipping cost.

Customers in the New York Metro Area may wish to pick up their order at our
showroom in Williston Park (M - F, 9am - 3pm) to save shipping charges. Phone:

PLEASE NOTE: The following products are sold for use in the making of candles and may be hazardous if misused. Do not ingest, and avoid prolonged skin contact. Keep away from children and pets.

See also: Container Blend Wax / Beeswax / Closeout Wax / Wax Crystals / Gel Wax

128/130 Votive and container candles.

Melt Point: 130 degrees

140/145 Molded candles

Melt Point: 140 degrees

125 Container candles. This wax has a high oil content, and can be used straight or in combination with our 130

Melt Point: 125 degrees

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